How to Add Samsung SmartThings Toggle Widget for Smart Devices

Hi all, I’ve bought smart lights and plugs for my home recently. I bought Tplink Tapo and Kasa smart bulbs. I linked them with Samsung Smart Things app to create a single hub to control my devices as I have different types of devices from various brands.

Tapo app has an individual device toggle widget. You may ask why I don’t use Tapo’s own widget. The problem is if you have smart devices from different vendors you need multiple widgets with different designs to control them which is not a neat solution. Also, some of the brands don’t have widgets to control devices.

I’m going to show you how to create a simple Samsung Smart Things device toggle widget without installing additional apps. It’s %100 native solution. We’ll use SmartThings scenes widget to setup this. Let’s get started.

To create a device toggle widget:

  1. Link your device with Samsung SmartThings.
  2. Open SmartThings and click “Automations” tab.
  3. Click on “+” plus button at the top right of screen. Add a scene.
  4. Set a scene name and add an action. Action should be a device control.
  5. Select your device and set Turn on or Turn off. Click “Save”.
  6. Open widgets and go to SmartThings. Drag “Scenes” widget to a page.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for “Turn off” state while selecting the same device.

Congratulations. Now you can turn on or off your device without opening any app with single click. You can also use bixy routines to achieve the same thing. I created 2 separate widgets using the bixy routines as you can see in the screenshot.
If you don’t know how to link your device with Samsung Smart Things please use this link: How to configure Tapo devices to work with SmartThings app

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